Site Under Construction
and has been for years Its been a long time.
Going to try making a Page Again
it is August 4, 2008

United States Eastern Daylight Time

EDT                                     GMT -5
For now this is it just a Home Page that's all
there is I have some content to review and
update maybe there will be something more
soon. ds 8-8-8
Nuthin' but Blue Skies
Welcome -
You need Java to see this applet.
Just a personal website.
This is not a business or organization. I am not part of
any networking site or Blog whatever a Blog is these
days since the word has an extremely loose definition.

|-:This site is certified boring:-|
Unless you know me you probably will not
find anything here to entertain. No smut, no
BS, just things that interest me.
Personal Info added more or
less an about who I am, my
history and a bit on how I view
the world. Aug. 15, 2008
I know it is very box like here. As
I get better with HTML and Page
Tools hopefully it will have more
Coming soon: -Health and Fitness-; -Education-;
-Entertainment-; -Pets-
Professional info added my
resume and work history for
interested parties
August 15, 2008
Site Search has not been
programmed yet so it doesn't
do anything. Its on the work
order list. So be watching for
an update. ds 8-15-8