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for me look if you like
I have been looking around on the Internet and there are thousands of sites representing am
define me in a public world forum. Not that I think anyone is looking, it is the fact that
anyone worldwide with Internet access could be reading this.

I am not trying to sell anyone anything, not on this site anyway! I haven't tried the sell you
something Website yet, e-business does look interesting though. Maybe someday with the
right product. I'm just not one of those buy the Internet Business in a Box kind of guys.
Don't want to Spam you - what is up with the SPAM thing anyway, naming unsolicited email
after the venerable WWII era meat. lays it off on Monte Python, too weird.
SPAM the mail sucks why the hell anyone would want to do that eludes me, same with people
who proliferate viruses WHY? What useful purpose does it serve? Malice it goes against my  
grain. I kinda believe in controlled Anarchy myself. Just about anything is okay as long as it
doesn't hurt others. If it's not hurting you its none of your business.

Still not painting much of a picture of me, a Biography of Me never really thought about it.
Born October 30 1960
Grew up in the Pennsylvania Dutch (Amish) Country about an hour southwest of
Philadelphia, PA
Lived for a while as a child in Reading, PA (-pronounced as Redding) same as the railroad in
Monopoly - since thats were the real Reading Railroad was, and Wayne, NJ (a suburb of NYC).

Went in the Navy at 21, learned a trade traveled around the world.
There is idea for a page a map with places I have been and lived marked.
Got out of the Navy at 27 in San Diego, CA stayed in CA until 1993 when I moved to upstate
NY for a job operating a Power Plant. Was a controls technician at various power plants until
my health took a dive. I've been disabled since 2004 just prior to my second heart attack. I
then proceeded to badly break my back (not my spine, not paralyzed) on August 11, 2005. Still
fighting my way back to health.

young. Am single and surviving on disability. I will be starting University for the first time in
my life next semester majoring in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering. I plan to
expand the site to include links to things I find interesting. Since the biggest thing on my
mind right now is getting better and more educated.
I will start there and let the ripples expand out over the pond.
Happy Surfing!!!

Doug Spangler
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